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Vineyard to Bay 25K/15K/5K to benefit Suttons Bay Public Schools On August 24, a number of runs/walks will take place that conclude at SBPS.  If you enter the 5K, $20 of the $25 registration fee will benefit SBPS!  So please REGISTER , walk or run and help out SBPS.  For more information, please click HERE.



The Suttons Bay Educational Advancement Fund allows our school to support the educational and extra-curricular activities that all students, throughout our school system, are able to enjoy.

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New Superintendent Christopher Nelson says Hello and offers Thanks in this video: http://youtu.be/qJugOpBGBQE


The next meeting of the School Board is a Special Meeting on Monday, July 28; here is the AGENDA for that meeting. The next regular meeting is at 7 PM on August 11.  All meetings of the School Board are held in the second floor Open Space of the Elementary School.

Suttons Bay Public Schools, 500 S Elm St,

Suttons Bay, MI  49682   231-271-8600


A group of parents, staff, friends and community members are working to upgrade the Elementary School playground.   Many upgrades have already happened!  If you would like to help gfinish the project, you can direct donations to Suttons Bay Public Schools "playground fund" via PaySchools. Or you can use their WEBSITE to make your donation.



Check out our great programs for pre school children on our Early Childhood Flyer.



How SBPS evaluates special education eligibility: With consideration of federal guidelines and state requirements, specific learning disability eligibility is evaluated using pattern of strengths and weaknesses. ‘Pattern of strengths and weaknesses’ method is based on both assessment and review of achievement scores and performance in a variety of academic areas, with documentation of a pattern of strengths in one or more areas as compared to other areas where the student demonstrates a pattern of significant academic weaknesses.

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